NTRCA Contractor Questions Answered by Outback


The NTRCA recommends hiring only NTRCA members to handle your roofing projects and provides a list of questions that you should be asking any roofer or contractor before hiring them to work on your home. Outback Roofing has taken the time to answer each of these questions. We welcome you to compare us to our competition!


NTRCA Questions to ask when hiring a contractor:


Are they in good standing with the Better Business Bureau?


Are they a member of a roofing association that holds its members to high standards, such as the North Texas Roofing Contractors Association (www.ntrca.com) the National Roofing Contractors Association (www.nrca.net,) the Roofing Contractors Association of Texas (www.rooftex.com) or the Midwest Roofing Contractors Association (www.mrca.org)?



How many years of experience do they have as a roofing contractor in North Texas?


Are they insured? What type of insurance coverage do they have and what and how much does it cover? Don’t hesitate to ask a roofing contractor for a certificate of insurance and make sure the coverage is in effect throughout your project. You don’t want to be liable for accidents that occur on your property (and you will be if the contractor is not properly insured)!


Who will supervise your roofing project? How much experience do they have? How can you contact that person?




Where is the roofing company located? Has your prospective contractor just come to town with the storms? Drive by and check out their business address. You probably don’t want to hire a roofer who is operating out of his pickup truck or temporary P.O. Box.


What is the roofing contractor’s warranty on labor? What is the manufacturer’s warranty? Get warranty information in writing. Consider how long your contractor has been in business and where they are located when looking at their labor warranty.


Do they have credit references? Ask for a list of local suppliers, and call them to ensure the roofing contractor is in good standing. You don’t want to be left footing the bill for roofing materials.


Do they have customer references they can provide? Get a list of previous customers and call them.



Will they give you a detailed, written proposal with complete descriptions of the work, start and completion dates and payment schedule?








Is the contractor going to obtain the appropriate municipal permits?



Are they asking for money upfront? End users should beware of paying before the job is complete. A partial payment for materials, however, after they have been delivered to your project location, is not unusual.


Which roofing manufacturers are they certified to install? You can go to the manufacturer’s website to see which roofing contractors are certified to install their roofing system.




Is the roofer offering to “take care of” or “eat” your insurance deductible? Talk directly to your insurance company to ensure that any “deal” is legitimate and not insurance fraud.


Are they claiming they are licensed? If so, where? Ask to see their license.


If the bid is significantly lower than their competitors, why? If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Price is only one consideration when selecting a roofing contractor. Make sure you don’t pay more later by hiring a contractor that is uninsured, performs substandard work and/or leaves North Texas shortly after the storms do. Also, a low price that is below other contractors’ costs is an indicator that the roofing materials being used may be stolen goods, a growing problem in North Texas that is a federal offense.

Outback Roofing's responses:


Yes, Outback has an A rating with the BBB.

Yes, Outback is a certified member of the NTRCA and the Roofing Contractors Association of Texas (RCAT). Chris Crutcher, the owner, is the 2015 President elect for RCAT.






Outback Roofing LLC was incorporated in 2007.



Outback carries $1 million of General Liability Insurance and provides Workers Comp insurance to it's employees.






We have Project & Site Managers to oversee each project from beginning to end. Each has a minimum experience of 8 years and is accessible via cell phone, text and email at all times. We also have office staff that are available to assist you.


Outback's offices are located at 17618 Davenport Road Suite 2, Dallas, TX 75252. Outback has been at this physical location since August 2011. Outback has been in business since 2007 with prior offices located at 635 and 75.



Outback installs complete roofing systems that are backed by a manufacturer's warranty that includes labor and wind policies. Length of coverages from manufacturer can vary depending on product you select.


Outback is in good standing with ABC Supply Co, Spec Materials, & Wholesale Roofing Supply, to name a few.



Outback can provide you with a list of references upon request. In most cases, we can provide you with references that are right in your own neighborhood!


Outback will provide you with the following detailed reports:


      1. Initial Inspection Report and Photo

      2. Recommendation of work and estimate

      3. Complete scope of work with pricing

      4. CAD (if applicable)

      5. Hail Map/Report (if applicable)

      6. Final Inspection Report and Photo Report

      7. Detailed billing statements throughout project


Outback registers in each city that it does business in and always pulls a permit and complies with each city's building codes and inspection requirements.


Outback collects the deductible at job commencement, as required by law. Final payment is due upon completion of final inspection.




Outback is an Atlas Signature Select Contractor and a Preferred Contractor with Owens Corning. Outback also holds certifications with Versico, Firestone, Genflex, Polyglass, Quarrix and Davinci.Outback Roofing does not "eat" or waive deductibles.



Each client must pay their deductible as prescribed by law.




There are no licensing requirements in the State of Texas.



The homeowner is only out of pocket their deductible. Outback will come to an agreement on the scope of work and pricing with the insurance company.


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