Celebrate Earth Day & Save Money Too...

April 22, 2013

One way that you can celebrate Earth Day is by pledging to conserve energy. An easy way to do this, is to make sure you have proper ventilation for your roof and adequate attic insulation. An added benefit is that by doing this, you will also reduce your electric bill!


Most roofs that we inspect do not have the proper amount of ventilation. Proper ventilation is important as it helps to keep attic temperature and moisture at their optimum levels for the season.  It allows the hot air to escape from the attic and not only helps to keep your house cooler in the summer, but it also helps to preserve the life of your composition shingle. Ventilation is also necessary in winter, especially where snow accumulations stay on roofs for extended periods of time, as it helps to remove excess moisture from the attic, thus preventing condensation that can damage roof sheathing and preventing ice dam formation.


Proper ventilation can also help your insulation to do its job. Most homes do not have the recommended amount of attic insulation. The Department of Energy recommends up to R-49 for attics in most areas. This is equal to approximately 16" of fiberglass blanket insulation. Most older homes have between 3" and 6" of insulation. To determine your home's current R-value, simply measure the thickness of your current insulation with a ruler. Take the insulation thickness and multiply by 3.14 to get the approximate R-value of the existing insulation.



An added benefit to insulating your home is that you can qualify for a tax credit for 10% of the cost of materials for qualifying insulation projects throughout 2013 (before 1/1/2014), up to a maximum of $500. Contact Outback Roofing today for your free inspection and evaluation to see how we can help you save some money, protect your home and do your part to celebrate Earth Day!      


For more information on the tax credit, go to www.EnergyStar.gov. For information on how to claim the tax credit, go to www.irs.gov. Circumstances vary widely, so homeowners should consult with their tax advisor for further guidance.


Article sources: Energy Star & Owens Corning.

- Jennifer Crutcher


Jennifer is a licensed insurance adjuster in the state of Texas, a Haag Engineering Certified Residential Roof Inspector and is passionate about consumer protection and education. She works at Outback Roofing, a family owned and locally operated company, where she is responsible for daily office operations. Jennifer resides with her family and two German shepherds in the Dallas area. A little known fact is that she secretly aspires to be an ice dancer!






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