Make sure you read this BEFORE you make an insurance claim...

April 28, 2015

What you NEED to know BEFORE you make an insurance claim: 

  • What is the extent of damage?

  • What is the cause of the damage?

  • Is this damage covered by my policy? 

  • What are the exclusions in my policy?

  • Is there enough total damage to warrant a valid claim? 

After a major hailstorm, you may receive a lot of knocks at your door. Many roofers may tell you, without even properly assessing your damage, that you need to make an insurance claim with your provider. Hail and other weather events move in a random pattern, and can conceivably cause damage at one home, while "skipping" over another home in close proximity. Each home should be thoroughly inspected by a knowledgeable and reliable professional, to determine whether there is sufficient damage to make a claim. 

It is recommended to obtain a free roof inspection and digital analysis prior to making a claim to assess the extent of the damage. We can assist you in working with your insurance agent to determine if making a claim is necessary and viable BEFORE you make the call to claim.  Roof-roaches it is a numbers game, they will tell anyone and everyone to make a claim whether necessary or not, wasting your time and your insurance company time.  A reputable Dallas roofing company like Outback Roofing can help. ask questions, Assess the damage, take action 


Know before you ACT: Ask questions, Check the damage, Take action (if necessary) pointless claims waste your time which is valuable as well as the insurance company and could conceivably increase cost of doing business therefore increasing your premiums.

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