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Garage Doors


Garage Door Repairs and Replacement

We preform both door repair and replacement of garage doors.


During roof inspections we frequently find damage to garage doors that can be repaired at the same time as the roof repair or replacement and included in the same insurance claim. We will also inspect the garage door's mechanical operation to see that the motor, drive-chain, and springs need attention, as well as verify with you that your remote control is functioning as it should.

When repairing or replacing your garage door consider its style and color. The door should complement the style of the house. For a front-facing garage door, consider having it match your home's front door in style and color. Ask yourself, do you want the garage door to stand out or, blend in with the house color to present a coordinated, uniform look? A garage door that is the same color as the house will make the your home appear larger.

Call us for a free roof inspection, plus overall premise assessment at 972-930-9990 inquire online to set-up a safe, convenient virtual inspection.

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