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Exterior House Painting


Painting for Appearance and Protection

Often-times, exterior painting goes hand-in-hand with the repair or replacement of your home's roof.


Our painting contractors are experts in the craft of painting, and also in helping you make the best of multiple considerations when deciding on the paint type, finish, quality level, color and application process. 


When painting your home's exterior, consider that you are not just  painting the exterior walls of your home, but also other elements such as the trim, shutters, window frames, and doors. These all go into the aesthetic appearance of your home, and its resale value. It is an important visual decision and also one that takes into consideration how well the exterior finish stands up over time.


When considering longevity, your climate, storm types, landscaping, adjacent structures, businesses, roadways and air-quailty all go into determining whether to use oil or latex paint and its finish; gloss, semi-gloss, satin, or matte-flat.

Surface paint choices your painter will make

  • Gutter paint

  • Porch and patio paint

  • Front door paint

  • House/siding paint

  • Brick paint

  • Deck paint or coatings

  • Pool and marine paint

Consider special home improvement financing

Outback Roofing is working to make your life more affordable, to help you control your expenses and make desired home improvements and necessary repairs by offering zero-interest and low-interest loans.

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