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Residential Solar Panels


Solar Panels Energy Savings

Solar panel power is an efficient way toward utility bill savings for your home and energy independence. 

Solar Energy is for you if... are concerned about the environment, energy consumption, and lowering your utility bills 40 to 80%.

We find that people who install solar panels are people who might consider themselves:

Green-conscious – Know that you are helping to build a carbon-free future for you, your children, and children’s children. You can do solar now and set an example for your neighbors and community by installing an environmentally  friendly, efficient personal energy system.


ROI Focused – Save money on energy costs with the least expensive (cheapest) energy resource that provides a greater return than your typical 401K or stock market investment. Solar has the least cost of distribution (delivery) of any of our energy resources including, coal, oil, gas and LNG, water, and even wind.

Innovative Leader – Lead by example when you are the first or, among the first, in your neighborhood in making the smart, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly choice to go solar.

Self-sufficient in any situation – Implement your plan for disaster preparedness that overcomes energy outages, uses the most advanced energy battery storage solutions, and maintains your power source independence. Free yourself from external power supplies with your own energy resource — Solar Power.

Contact Outback Roofing to learn how we can be your solar power solution: 972-930-9990.

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