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Residential Window Repair and Replacement

Frequently, during our roof and exterior home inspection we discover needed repairs. Issues with windows is one that affects several areas of your home's health.


Leakey, ill-fitting window frames and seals contribute to energy inefficiency causing higher summer cooling and winter heating bill expenses.


Window frame damage due to storms, debris, insects or aging is another factor that precipitates water damage, mildew and mold in addition to increased energy expenses. 


We will help you decide whether to repair or replace your windows based on their condition and existing window type. For environmental reasons, you may decide to repair a wood frame window rather than replacing it with a new vinyl, wood or metal option. If there are multiple window defects such as foggy windows, improper insulation, water leaks, or broken panes, the windows may need to be replaced, but call us to see if a repair is all that is needed: 972-930-9990.

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