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Residential Fencing


Fencing - Boundaries with Curb Appeal

During an Outback Roofing inspection, either virtual inspection or on-premise inspection, we frequently find a fence the needs repair or complete replacement. We offer cost effective fence repairs and fence replacements through our professional fencing service.

Both new replacement fences and fence repairs can be part of your insurance claim submitted at the same time as a roof repair or replacement submission. You can also take advantage of our interest-free and low interest home improvement loan programs.

Select the fencing that adds value to your home

A wide range of materials and style options are available, consider these before making a decision:

  • Consider privacy, pet and children use, and appearance

  • Consider on-going maintenance

  • Check with your HOA to ensure regulation compliance

You have a lot of fence materials to chose from - here are wood fence options for appearance and longevity:

  • Cedar Fence

  • Pinewood Fence

  • Oak Fence

  • Cypress Wood Fence

  • Redwood Fence


Do you want a standard fence or one with added features that give the fence extra visual character. For visual appearance and privacy consider:

  • Vertical or horizontal boarding

  • Lattice Fence

  • Picket Fence

  • Rail Fence

  • Standard 6' or 8' fence

  • Wood post or metal poles

  • Solid or spaced slats

  • Board-on-board

  • Cap board or cap board with side trim

  • Lattice top trip

  • Special stone or brick columns instead of wood or metal

  • Pet window

Call us to discuss your options for a quote on the fence style that best suits your home's style and neighborhood, 972-930-9990.

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