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Residential Roof Skylights


Skylights - What's not to Love

Skylights bring in additional natural light and illuminate interior spaces well. They can however let UV damaging rays fade carpet, furniture, and artwork. Like other glass windows, skylights can be treated with a film that blocks more than 99 percent of all UV rays. 


Leaking and damaged skylights is one of the most common problems and complaints that we hear when talking to homeowners. That's because many roofing companies employ semi-skilled labor, untrained in proper installation or repair of skylights. We find that It is best to replace your skylights at the time of your new roof installation. This will help ensure proper sealing of the underlayment and flashing and avoid future repairs and water damage.

If you have a leaking or damaged skylight, call us for repairs as frequently there will be roof issues to address, as well.

For emergency service call: 972-930-9990.

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