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Residential Siding


Should You Repair or Replace Siding?

We  have experienced, siding contractor specialists that install new siding where none previously existed, replace aged or damaged siding with the same or new, more durable type, and repair or replace your existing, damaged pieces. 


When replacement of portions of your siding is needed, we can match the style, material, and color of your existing siding for a perfect blend of old with the new. When considering new siding, multiple material and color options exist.

Siding Types

The following are the primary siding types, with each, for the most part, having subsets:

  • Vinyl Siding

  • Fiber Cement Siding

  • Brick Siding

  • Metal Siding

  • Wood Siding

Subsets include siding types such as Engineered Wood, Imitation Stone or Brick, Insulated Vinyl, Stucco, Brick Veneer.

Siding Considerations

Aesthetics – Choose a material and style that will maintain or improve your home's value and that complements your landscaping, home architecture and neighborhood appearance.
Water Resistance – Select a highly waterproof material if you live in an area with high humidity or heavy rainfall.
Energy Efficiency – Siding with better insulation reduces the energy costs of heating and cooling your home.
Durability – Decide if you’d prefer to pay more upfront for a longer-lasting material or pay less for a material that will need more maintenance and repairs.

Call Outback Roofing for information on repairing or replacing your siding at: 972-930-9990.

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