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Virtual and In-person Inspections


Pro-Active Attention to Your Roof

There are five times when your roof should be inspected:

  1. On a Yearly Basis to ensure the integrity of your roof and its components. This averts unseen damage to your home's interior and more costly damage repairs in the future.

  2. Roof Damage - When you think you have wind or hail damage due to storms - you see missing shingles, or have leaks in your ceiling, skylights or around your chimney. 

  3. An Aged Roof (without maintenance or repairs)

  4. Before Making a Claim and before contacting your insurance agent to address any issues and verify the need for repairs or replacement.

  5. When Listing Your Home and before the general inspection to know of any issues that might affect the listing, require contingencies on the sale, and repairs to be preformed prior to listing .

Written and Photo-documented Inspection

Outback Roofing’s free photo-documented roof inspection and Preliminary Damage Report lets you view any issues without having to take our word for what needs to be done. If repairs are required, a Final Inspection Report, photo-documented with detailed descriptions substantiates the repairs or replacements for you, insurance claims and for buyers and their realtor agent when a sales is involved.

Exterior Inspections Include

  • Severely blistered, curled, or split shingles

  • Loose or missing shingles

  • Loose or exposed nails

  • Improperly seated nails that “popped”

  • Broken or loose shingles at the ride and hip lines

  • Signs of missing caulk used to seal flashing

  • Improperly sealed exhaust pipes

  • Improperly sealed skylights

  • Improperly sealed ventilators

  • Rusty or corroded metal flashing

  • Damaged or missing flashing

  • Sagging on the ridges

  • Broken seals on shingles

  • Excessive granule loss on shingles

  • Chimney cracks

  • Rubber boots at the top of pipes (indicating dry rot)

  • Damaged gutters and downspouts

  • Damaged or rotted fascia board 

  • Siding above the roof

  • Gutters and eaves for proper shingle overhangs

Interior Inspections Include

  • Cracks on roof sheathing

  • Measure and calculate attic ventilation

  • Sagging decking (between rafters)

  • Outside light coming through

  • Attic intake vents for proper ventilation

  • Leaks around vents, chimneys, and other holes to the outside

  • Assess quality of R value of insulation

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